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Learn the possibilities and look for the unexpected

Inside the Catskills Park is an astounding place to explore.  There is an abundance of flora and fauna, waterfalls and stream.  Come learn some basic skills that can expand your range and increase your enjoyment.

Your choice, hiking boots or fishing waders

Hiking and fishing are really just the excuse to be outdoors. For those willing slowdown and observe, hiking and fishing can become much more.  The color of the sky, the wind in the trees, the tracks in the snow, the rise of a fish.

Safety first is a priority

We are some distance to medical professionals.  Proper gear and clothing is essential but above all no unnecessary risks. I am a licensed NYS Guide certified in CPR, basic first aid and water safety.

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Better yet, let's go out

We can set something up centered around your interests but here are some suggestion.  

Fly fishing , snowshoeing, nature photography, star gazing, aquatic habitat, animal signs, children focused, responsible foraging, plant preservation.

Call or drop us a line to discuss your next outdoor adventure. 

Inside the Blue Line LLC